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byrthebb in astronomy

What planet am I seeing?

OK- I live in Dayton, Ohio in the Eastern Hills neighborhood (it's near Riverside near the Air Force Base and Museum)- if that will help any.
The front of my house faces south/south west. At night when I go out back I usually look towards that direction and I can see what I am pretty sure is Venus. However- if I look to my east I see another planet or I at least I am pretty sure it is a planet. I don't know which planet it is though. Can anyone help me? I will admit I am not an expert or what have you as far as knowing where the different planets are located in the night sky.
I do know what some of the constellations look like and are named, i.e. Orion and the Big Dipper.
Thanks for all of your help. BB


If you're looking out East, that's probably Jupiter. You can find out what's up tonight by visiting the USNO's The Sky This Week.
I think you're seeing Jupiter.
I just looked at Stellarium. Venus and Saturn are near each other, and Jupiter is in the South East above the horizon.
Check out www.stellarium.org, it's a handy program :D
Ha, I live in Dayton too.
And me too! I saw it Saturday night and assumed it was Jupiter, so I'm glad to see others agreeing with me! ^_^
the brighter one is venus, and the one that stays up later is jupiter
You have Venus on your West horizon, and Jupiter above your East Horizon. Dont worry about you not being as expert lol takes a bit of time and interest, but eventualy if you have a telescope, you will be able to identify the planets with the naked eye.At least 4 (mars,saturn,venus and jupiter)

Venus is getting closer to Saturn. The day it will be the closest will be on 1st of July.


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