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rlagmagm in astronomy

Next Solar Eclipse

How many of you in North America will be watching the heavens for or during the next Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017? I myself will have to keep my eyes glued to the television as that will be my safest bet because I do not have the equipment necessary to safely view this spectacular event. I hope you are as excited as I am about it!


I'm definitely looking forward to it!
Totality passes over my hometown, so, employment permitting, I'm planning on going home to visit family and friends and watch the eclipse.

Also, you can safely view an eclipse with something as simple as a pinhole in a piece of cardboard. When the eclipse last fall happened, I could even see crescent suns through the holes of my interlaced fingers.

Of course, once the moon is covering all the Sun, you can look up at it.
Definitely looking forward to it. Working on making friends in South Carolina or Tennessee. :-)

And I endorse the concept of pinhole cardboard. That's how I watched the transit of Venus in 2004 (I think). (The 2012 transit was clouded over where I am.)
you can use welder's lens to see the sun.
number 14 lens is safe.
I remember in my metal working class, my teacher took whole class to view eclipse. it was great experience for me. It was full eclipse. the outside went dark for awhile. I used welder's mask to watch the sun and moon.
It was in 1994 or 1993... all before internet and cheap cell phones come out.

I did it again with annular eclipse with my welder's mask few years ago.
I used my phone's camera and welder's mask to make images.


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